Bottle 1L - BP.01

Przeznaczenie:Containers for transportation and storage of aggressive substances (corrosive, oxidizing, toxic, etc., including pesticides and agrochemicals)
Objętość (l):1.0
Kolor:On request
Szyja (мм):Ø 48.2
Pokrywa (мм):DIN 63
Lutowanie indukcyjne:+
Kółko kontroli::-
Pasek do kontroli:-
Wysokość (мм):236,0
Diametr (мм):88,0
Wymiary etykiety:155*87
UN-certyfikat:On request
The new range of COEX plastic bottles BP.0025 (250 ml), BP.005 (500 ml), BP.01 (1000 ml) is resistant to chemically aggressive substances and is suitable for agrochemicals (herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc.), auto chemicals, household chemicals and other substances based on organic solvents.

The use of high density polyethylene with the polyamide protective layer manufactured by co-extrusion blow molding COEX allows to use of the canisters for liquids which cannot be filled into polyethylene bottles due to the rapid destruction of the container or due to diffusion of products through the packaging walls.

We offer you to expand the range group and core audience for your product.

The bottles supply around Ukraine, Europe, CIS and Russia is conducted by the qualified transportation companies. The bottles customer pick-up is possible from Vasishchevo, Kharkov region, Ukraine or from the warehouse in Belgorod, Russia.

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