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Why do you choose us?

In the face of a difficult economic situation in the world, Kharkov Himprom Ltd. continues to occupy a leading position in the plastic packaging market, successfully adapting to new realities, increasing the productivity and quality of products.

Range of plastic containers from 0.25 liters to 20 liters is suitable for storage and transportation of liquid and solid such as:

- Agrochemicals and organic fertilizers

- Construction mixtures (fillers, primers, varnishes, paints, acids, glues

- Automotive chemistry (antifreeze, washer, fuel and fuel additives, oil)

- Household chemicals (detergents, shampoos)

- Food products (spirits, wine materials, fats, dyes)

- Others

We produce all our canisters on modern European equipment using high density polyethylene of low pressure (HDPE).

All our products are certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European legislation and have:

- Certificate of compliance with international standard ISO 9001: 2015

- International Certificate of Conformity to the UN requirements for the transport of dangerous goods (UN-certificate)

- Sanitary and hygienic certificate for the packaging of food and chemical products.

Together with European experts, we have developed and patented a completely new range of 5, 10 and 20 liters stackable canisters. This range of plastic cans is unique in the world and has no analogues.

We can add your own logo on the canister that allows you to increase the recognition of your product on the market.

For more detailed information and ordering of the samples please contact us

+38 057 766 09 41