Bottle 4L - Z.04

Тағайындалуы:Bottle for household chemicals
Сыйымдылығы (л):4,0
Түсі:White, other colors on request
Қылтасы (мм):Ø 55,0
Қақпағы (мм):K55TZ
Индукциялық дәнекерлеу:-
Бақылағыш сақина:-
Қарау жолағы:-/+
Биіктігі (мм):356,0
Ұзындығы (мм):197,0
Ені (мм):98,0
Жапсырмалар мөлшері:not a standard label, making labels according to a piece
UN-сертификаттау:On request
Each year Kharkov Himprom Ltd. offers innovations in the sphere of plastic containers, and 2019 is not an exception.

This year we offer you new bottles with a unique design of 4 liters bottles that are intended for household chemicals.

Bottles and caps can be made in various colors upon a request. You can always emphasize the individuality of your products, highlighting its exclusive packaging.

For more details call our managers or leave a request through the contact form.

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