Новинка нарығында DIN 63 крышки үшін!

Gasket for induction sealing with overpressure valve

We are glad to inform you that now our closures KS.TEI 63 and KS.TI 63 can be completed with gasket for induction sealing with overpressure valve!

We already have KS.TGW 60 and KS.TG 46 closures with overpressure valves, which have been sales leaders for many years.

But the uniqueness of the gasket is that it has a layer with induction sealing, which serves as an overpressure valve as well.


- a unique gasket technology, namely: the absence of external holes on the closure, which prevents clogging of the valve channels,

- tightness,

- for gas evolving substances,

- control of the first opening,

- additional control of the opening,

- brand recognition (if the logo is applied to the gasket),

- prevention of packaging deformation and product loss.

The cap with this gasket is suitable for T.20, A.10, A.05, D.05, BP.01, canisters which are used for storage of agrochemicals, pesticides, household chemicals, food products.

For more details call our managers or send a request to e-mail: sales_m@kharkov-himprom.com +38 (057) 766-09-41