Әрқашан контейнер бар!


Induction sealing gaskets


Induction sealing gaskets for Induction sealing gaskets for F.01, F.02, B.03, B.04, B.05 canisters......


Happy Easter!


Happy Easter! With best wishes  Kharkov Himprom team Happy Easter! With best wishes Kharkov Himprom team......


Plastic bottles and canisters for antiseptics and disinfectants


Plastic bottles and canisters for antiseptics and disinfectants Always in stock! Plastic bottles and canisters for antiseptics and disinfectants. Volume from 0.25 liters. up to 20 liters, High speed production, wide range of colors, Embossed logo image, Transparent measuring strip, Place for your label, Tamper evident cap ......


8 march 2020 happy women's day!


8 march happy women's day! 8 march 2020 happy women's day!.......


Happy New Year 2020!


Happy New Year 2020! Kharkov Himprom team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners!


Improved B.05 canister is available now!


Improved B.05 canister has received system of stiffeners of the walls and bottom of the canister, that guarantees geometrical stiffness. Also now you can add your own logo (70 mm* 28mm) on the canister. .....


Kharkov Himprom has renewed the slogan!


Celebrating the 15th anniversary Kharkov Himprom continues to renew and to improve. During this time we have proved that the phrase “Committed to quality” are not simply words! Taking it to a new level we want to stress our individuality and uniqueness by changing the main idea of our message........


We are 15 years


Birthday Kharkov Himprom We are 15 years old on August 24,2019! During this time Kharkov Himprom has created a powerful basis for stable operation and implementation of the most ambitious projects. We continue to develop our horizons, embody the most creative ideas and to become even stronger year by year!.....


Plastic Packaging Symbols: What Do They Mean?


Marking and identification codes for plastic were developed in 1988 by the Plastic Industry Society. The marking consists of 3 arrows in the shape of a triangle, there’s a number inside it that indicates the type of plastic and the letters below them.......


What is plastic?


The first plastic based on cellulose, a substance found in plants and trees,was obtained to replace the shortage of natural raw materials (ivory, tortoiseshell) in the 1855 by the English metallurgist and inventor Alexander Parkes. Substances derived from petroleum, natural gas, and coal are used to make modern plastics......


Новинка нарығында DIN 63 крышки үшін!


We are glad to inform you that now our closures KS.TEI 63 and KS.TI 63 can be completed with gasket for induction sealing with overpressure valve!.....


8 march happy women's day!


8 march happy women's day! 8 march happy women's day!.......


New solution for household packaging!


4 liters bottles Each year Kharkov Himprom Ltd. offers innovations in the sphere of plastic containers, and 2019 is not an exception. This year we offer you new bottles with a unique design of 4 liters bottles that are intended for household chemicals......


Presentation video about our own tests of T.20 stackable canisters!!!


 UN – certificate Here below we’d like to present our video with our new stackable canister - T20 testing that includes - test of fall, tightness resistance test, stacking and internal pressure (hydraulic) test......


Happy New Year 2019!


Happy New Year 2019!"KHARKOV HIMPROM" team congratulates all our partners Happy New Year 2019and Merry Christmas! We wish you good health, prosperity, inexhaustible energy, the realization of all your professional plans!......


The new range of small-size packaging!


COEX plastic bottles 250 ml, 500 ml,1000ml KHARKOV KHIMPROM Ltd. has started production of small-size packaging which is intended for packaging of chemically aggressive liquids. The new range of COEX plastic bottles BP.0025 (250 ml), BP.005 (500 ml), BP.01 (1000 ml) is resistant to chemically aggressive substances and is suitable for agrochemicals (herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc.), auto chemicals, household chemicals and other substances based on organic solvents......


Available now! T.05 (5 l) – new stackable plastic canister of our exclusive range


T.05 (5 l) – new stackable plastic canister 5 liters Canister is available now! Continuing our unique range of stackable canisters, T.20 and T.10, we are presenting now our new 5 l can - T.05.......


Happy 14 anniversary!


Happy 14 anniversary! On this holiday we thank all our customers for their trust, patience, comments, complaints, recommendations, gratitude, new orders and offers........


Quality proof!


 UN – certificate As expected, our new range of stackable canisters T20 (20 l), T10 (10 l) has passed the test for compliance with international and national regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods......


Soon available for sale - Т.20 (20 L).

The new range of the stackable cans


The new range of the stackable cans T.20 (20 l.) Lots of our clients have already had a possibility to assess the unique design, high quality and advantageous cost of our new stackable canister Т.10 (10 L). Continuing the release of the new range, we are launching the new 20 liter can - T.20 - soon available for sale......


Innovative solutions in the world of stackable canisters


Innovative solutions in the world of stackable canisters Unique stiffeners system increases resistance to external loads. Collection of residual liquid in order to reduce its loss. Lock system on top and bottom of canister for improved stability when stacked. Comfortable and stable stacking.......


8 march happy women's day!


8 march happy women's day! On this spring holiday we wish you a great mood,life inspiration, health and blooming happiness. Let your homes always be full of peace, and mutual understanding unites your families.......


The new range of the stackable cans!


The new range of the stackable cans Using only modern innovations and high-tech equipment, it is possible to achieve manufacturing of the highest quality products. Kharkov Himprom Ltd, the leader in the polymer packaging field, keeps up with changes over time by developing its facilities with new modern equipment. Together with European experts, we have developed a completely new line of 5, 10 and 20 liters stackable canisters that allows our customers to ensure the safety of the substance being packed, as well as keeps the environment secure during the storage and transportation of the cans.......


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018!With Warm and Friendly Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Bright and Happy New Year 2018!......


Happy New Year 2017!


Happy New Year 2017!"KHARKOV HIMPROM" team congratulates all our partners Happy New Year 2017and Merry Christmas! We wish you good health, prosperity, inexhaustible energy, the realization of all your professional plans!......


ISO 9001:2008 сертификаты расталған


2016 жылы Kharkov Himprom Ltd. TUV SUD Management Service GmbH сертификаттау жөніндегі органымен аудит жүргізілді. Нәтижесінде біз.....


Сатылымда! Артық қысым қақпақшасы бар қақпақтар!


"Тыныс қақпақшасы" бар қақпақ әлемде үлкен табысқа ие. Қазіргі таңда, біздің канистрдің осындай қақпақпен жиынтықталу мүмкіндігіне ие екенін, біз де хабарлауға қуаныштымыз! Қатталатын К.20, К.10, К.05 және В.01 канистрлері артық қысым қақпақшасы бар KS.TGW 60 және KS.TG 46 қақпағымен жиынтықталады.....


Бізге 11 жыл!


Happy Birdthday! Құрметті достар!
Бізде бүгін мереке!
Kharkov Himprom Ltd. кәсіпорнына 11 жыл!

Біздің кәсіпорын жұмысының негізгі ережесі 11 жыл бойы - жоғары сападағы қол жетімділік және сатып алушылармен ынтымақтастықтың адалдығы болып табылады. Таңдалған саясаттың арқасында, қазіргі таңда Kharkov Himprom Ltd. пластикалық ыдыстарды.....


Kharkov Himprom Ltd. жаңа қойма ашады


Kharkov Himprom Ltd. Ресейдің Белгород қаласында жаңа қойма ашады


Штабельдеуші канистралардың жаңа түрлері


Kharkov Himprom Ltd. компаниясы көлемі 5, 10 және 20 литрді құрайтын және заманауи еуропалық дизайны бар штабельдеуші канистралардың жаңа түрлерінің өндірісін жөнге келтірді. Қаттылық қабырғалары мен жақсартылған құрылым толтырылған канистраларды тұғырықтарда 4-5 қабат етіп орналастыруға мүмкіндік береді, бұл көліктің барынша жүктелуіне және қойма орынжайын үнемдеуге ықпал етеді.

20 л Канистра 10 л Канистра  5 л Канистра


Алақай! Біз жаңа сайтқа көштік!


Жаңа сайтқа дизайныҚұрметті тапсырыскерлер!
Біздің сайтымыздың жаңа дизайнын көрсетуге қуаныштымыз. Енді ол біздің Kharkov Himprom Ltd. атты кәсіпорнымызға толық шамада сәйкес келеді, себебі серпінді, жарқын және көлемді болып келеді. Ол барынша ақпаратты, түйсік деңгейінде .....