Jerrycan 5L - A.05

Usage:Containers for transportation and storage of aggressive substances (corrosive, oxidizing, toxic, etc., including pesticides and agrochemicals)
Capacity (L):5,0
Color:White, Natural (other colors on request)
Neck Finish (mm):Ø 54,7
Closure (mm):DIN 63
Induction Heat Seal:+
Tamper Evident Closure:-
View stripe:+(HDPE) / -(COEX)
Height (mm):320,0
Length (mm):190,0
Width (mm):140,0
the size of the label:140*180
Material:HDPE or three-ply COEX
Plastic 5 liter container is produced of the high-quality polyethylene HDPE or of the multi-layer СОЕХ, which is confirmed by UN certificate.

The plastic container is designed for storage and transportation of chemical and petrochemical products, plant-protecting agents, herbicides, microfertilizers etc. The СОЕХ container is used for the aggressive agents based on the organic solvents.

The quality of our containers provides not only for the integrity of the filling product but also guarantee the safety of transport and environment.

The containers are packed into the polyethylene bags to provide for the marketable condition maintenance and convenience of the loading and unloading works, are installed on the trays and tightened with the stretch film.

The goods may be delivered throughout Ukraine, Europe, CIS, and Russia which is conducted by the qualified transportation companies. The bottles customer pick-up is possible from Vasishchevo, Kharkov region, Ukraine or from the warehouse in Belgorod, Russia.

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