We are 11 years old!

Dear friends!

We have a holiday today!

Kharkov Himprom Ltd. is 11 years old!

Happy Birdthday!
During 11 years, the basic rule in the operation of our company has been product availability at excellent quality and honesty in cooperation with a buyer. Due to the selected policy, Kharkov Himprom Ltd. today dominates in the production of plastic packaging. Being a recognized expert in this field, the Company performs efficient production and commercial activity within the territory of Ukraine, Europe.
We have extensive experience and established traditions. We detect targets and follow them, implementing the latest technological processes in the production of plastic packaging. Our employees have extensive experience working efficiently as one team. We use only high-quality and high-density polyethylene of low pressure HDPE and polyamide produced by leading European companies, taking the interests of our customers into account. We recommend only those things we are confident of. We offer substantial bonuses to our customers and practice the policy of "individual approach" to each client.
We still have much to do! We do not stop at the frontiers of progress, and continue to conquer new markets, introduce new production processes and please our customers and partners by new projects in the field of plastic packaging!
Kharkov Himprom Ltd. plans to actively develop and improve the methods and technologies used for the production of polyethylene canisters.
We appreciate the trust of customers to our product and thank you for your being with us within these 11 years preferring our products and working with us again and again.
We have already passed a long way and continue our development in cooperation with you!
We appreciate your staying with us!

Regards, Kharkov Himprom Ltd.