Now Available! Product innovation - 0,5 l bottles!

Every year Kharkov Himprom Ltd. proposes innovations in the branch of plastic containers, and 2016 is not an exclusion. As of today new types of plastic containers are introduced, more specifically, 0,5 l bottles esigned for storage and transportation of food stuffs, household chemicals, agricultural chemistry, building chemicals, and cosmetic products.

We realize the significance of the recognizability of your products in the markets, for this purpose we are ready to help you in developing exclusive plastic bottles.

Individual design of plastic package is able to protect your products against fakes.

Application of logo trademark on the container by means of the extrusion-type blow moulding, and on the cover by means of tampon printing, wide choice of color scheme, induction sealing with logo are the main principles of protection of package against fakes.

For more details call our managers or leave the application through the contact form.