Now Available! Caps with pressure relief valve!

Cap with "breathing valve" is very popular in the world. We are pleased to inform you that now our cans can be fitted with such cap!

Stackable cans К.20, К.10, К.05 and В.01 are fitted with cap KS.TGW 60 and KS.TG 46 with pressure relief valve.

It is specially designed for discharge of excessive pressure in plastic cans upon storage transportation of hazardous and poisonous liquids.

Pressure relief valve is used upon bottling of gas-emitting substances. It releases gas while liquid product remains in can. Cap with pressure relief valve allows discharging excessive pressure in can and preventing damage and deformation of can due to gas formation of filled product provided that guaranteed protection against leakage is ensured.

Caps are fitted with sealing ring from foam polyethylene that ensure sealing, special pressure relief valve and pulling ring.

In order to protect Your product against forgery it is possible to apply logo of Your trademark on the cap with pressure relief valve by tampon printing method.

For more details call our managers or leave the application through the contact form..