We’ve launched production According to the National rating criteria - quality of goods and services Quality Star, KHARKOV KHIMPROM Ltd. Plastic bottle F.01 with neck 28 Induction sealing gaskets for  F.01, F.02, B.03, B.04, B05 canisters Plastic bottles and cans for antiseptics and disinfectants Ideal containers for antiseptics and disinfectants Range of the canisters for forethoughtful - benefit in volume and place – T.05 (5l),T.10 (10l), T.20 (20l)

Modern equipment and state-of-the art technologies

High quality HDPE and COEX canisters produced by extrusion-blow molding method on the modern equipment utilizing best European technologies.

About us

Kharkov Himprom Ltd. – a state-of-the art Ukrainian company specializing in the designing and manufacture of plastic containers for storage and transportation of liquid chemicals and food products. The materials and technology (the use of high density polyethylene with the polyamide protective layer manufactured by co-extrusion blow molding COEX) allow the use of canisters for storage of hazardous chemicals and are suitable for:

  • Agrochemicals and organic fertilizers
  • Construction mixtures (fillers, primers, varnishes, paints, acids, glues
  • Automotive chemistry (antifreeze, washer, fuel and fuel additives, oil)
  • Household chemicals (detergents, shampoos)
  • Food products (spirits, wine materials, fats, dyes)
  • Others

All of our Agrochemical containers carry UN certification for the safe and legal transportation of dangerous goods. Our production facility is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and all products conform to other standards specific to the industry they serve.

Possessing such productive capacity related to the improvement of agricultural products, our company carries out a full range of the trading and purchasing activities and export of grain, oilseeds crops and technical agricultural products.

We provide services for the improvement of oil-bearing and cereal crops to the standard rates using PETKUS production equipment (Germany), which complies with all worldwide standards.

Using our high technology equipment, we:

  • calibrate seed grains to the uniformity of 95% or higher;
  • polishing seed grains to the rates of purity of 99,9%;
  • put on seeds three-layer coating on the batch protectant CT-100 manufactured by PETKUS;

The company continuously updates production technologies, looks for new solutions and successfully introduces them.

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Happy New Year 2022!


Happy New Year 2022! Kharkov Himprom team wishes a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our partners!


New design of the! KS.TI 63 Closure


New design of the! KS.TI 63 Closure  The following signs have been moved from the top of the closure to its inner side: HDPE - recycling sign, Product number
Other modifications: recess in the center of the closure has been removed
That Guarantees: high-quality application of the image on the surface of the closure