What is plastic?

When it started?

1The first plastic based on cellulose, a substance found in plants and trees,was obtained to replace the shortage of natural raw materials (ivory, tortoiseshell) in the 1855 by the English metallurgist and inventor Alexander Parkes.

Substances derived from petroleum, natural gas, and coal are used to make modern plastics.

What is plastic?

All types of plastic materials called plastic.

The most commonly used plastic is polyethylene. It is used in manufacture of garbage bags, pipes, packaging containers (canisters, bottles).

Why plastic is so popular?

Plastic can take any form at your desire. It is lightweight, resilient, firm, heat resistant, cheap, durable material that can be made with varying of hardness and shape.

How is plastic processed?

Plastics can be molded, extruded, casted and blown into limitless shapes, films, foams or even stretched into fibers for textiles. Nowadays using plastic we can produce such goods as packaging, paints and varnishes, adhesives, textiles and building materials.