Винаги има контейнер!

Kharkov Himprom has renewed the slogan!

Celebrating the 15th anniversary Kharkov Himprom continues to renew and to improve.

During this time we have proved that the phrase “Committed to quality” are not simply words!

Taking it to a new level we want to stress our individuality and uniqueness by changing the main idea of our message.

The new slogan - "Saving your success" - says that without your victories our company would not exist till now.

We want to be an effective assistance in your development:

- to produce high-quality plastic canisters and closures for storage and transportation of your products.To confirm the concept of quality with reliability, drop tests, laboratory tests, international quality certificates and the introduction of innovations in the production process;

- to deliver containers on time to your warehouses or other place convenient for your logistics in order to be "in pace" with your business processes;

- to provide any advice you need to help optimize the resources your company uses.